Epping Forest College

Based in Loughton, Essex, Epping Forest College caters for sixth form students and offers classes and courses for adults wishing to learn in Further Education. Courses are above and beyond that offered by normal compulsory school learning and equal or less stringent than that befitting educational courses and long term arrangements offered by a university environment or before you take on University life.

Epping Forest College offers teenagers vocational based GCSE learning and at 16 the ability to take on the task of achieving A level or A/S level results without going too far afield or leaving their friends and family behind and the support network that can usually provide.

NVQ Diplomas And A Level Courses At Epping Forest College

There are a range of NVQ diplomas and A level courses that can be attained by learning at Epping Forest College. Some of the tipics of study are art & design, business studies, childcare, electrical and plumbing, hairdressing, health and social care, media, motor vehicle, music and the performing arts.

At age fourteen you may decide that you are so sure of a career in a certain sector that taking up an NVQ at an early stage may be more beneficial and Epping Forest College is the perfect place to gain that all important career step. Course lengths for National Vocational Qualifications can last anywhere from two to four years depending on the grades and number of credits you wish to attain.

Financial Support And Bursary At Epping Forest College

Learning a trade and all the background knowledge to do any related job and be equal to those in the job when you begin is an alternative stage for any teenage looking for something different towards the end of compulsory schooling. Courses lead to higher education and a learning curve you can directly relate to, or an apprenticeship and full time paid employment.

Additional and a more focused education usually requires more funds, not every child or adult who wishes to entertain further education or goon to higher learning has the ability to pay the course fees. However at Epping Forest college there is the possibility of applying to the 16-18 Bursary Fund or Learner Support Fund. Residency at Epping Forest College can also be applied for.

Residency At Epping Forest College

To apply for residency at Epping Forest College you need to have lived in the UK for the three years previous, be compliant with the Immigration Act and have ‘settled status’ and under 19 years of age.