Epping Forest

Epping_FortestThere is a magnificent world on the borders of North London Town which has been allowing Londoners and visitors to the area an opportunity to escape into the wilderness for hundreds and thousands of years. This amazing tranquil and idyllic land which is protected by Parliament itself and the City of London is no other than the great Epping Forest.

Where Is Epping Forest And Forest Management

Epping Forest is a sprawl of 6500 acres which stretches over the borders of Essex and London from the North to the East and encompasses fields for cattle grazing which in rotation allows the public access to perfectly naturally maintained fields all year round.

Other amenities range from playing areas, paths for walking – guided walks and cycle rides, leisure activities from camping to yachting on the lakes and heritage events and theatre performances in the fresh open air of Epping Forest.

The cattle grazing are usually the outstanding and bulky English Longhorn with their inwardly curved horns, such a more beautiful brown and white cow did you ever wish to meet while walking in the wilderness of London’s suburbs. This bred of cow, rare until the mid 1980s, the latest grazing project right at the heart of Epping Forest will aid in the survival of the great English longhorn breed.

With animal welfare, wildlife management, forestry management and natural grazing projects at its heart, Epping Forest continues to offer the young and the old an opportunity to glimpse wilderness on their doorstep whilst offering a range of outdoor activities and even a few that are usually found inside.

Epping Forest Walks Map, Access And Epping Forest Visitor Centre

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